Casual Dating Tips

  1. Sell yourself well. Get a good photo and write a good profile. Make yourself irresistable.
  2. Look at other profiles to get some good ideas on what to say.
  3. Wink, chat or send a message to as many people you fancy. If you're paying for full membership don't let the grass grow under your feet.
  4. Log in regularly to see who's chatting you up. Respond to messages quickly - nobody like to be ignored or kept waiting.
  5. Think about what you say. Don't be too direct, but don't be too placid. Most people are here for fun, and hoping for more.
  6. Don't be too rude - you could get banned if someone reports you as being offensive or here for the wrong reasons.
  7. Be careful about giving away too much information. Play safe at all times. Never give phone numbers, email adresses or credit card details.
  8. Report anyone (no matter how nice they seem to be) if they ask for money, or ask you to follow a link to another website.
  9. Be honest. Don't lie about your marital status, or your age, or height etc. If you get the chance to meet someone it will fall flat.
  10. Have fun. Get your money's worth and just flirt, and flirt and flirt. That's what we are here for.