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How Rude

Men can often forget their manners, and the more often they do this the less often they get what they want from a girl. Don't believe it guys - not all women want to be treated like sluts, or thought of as just a sexual commodity. Maybe you surf all the porn sites and see girls doing all sorts of wierd shit. It might turn you on or at very least, entertain you. But forget the fantasy of your virtual world when you have a real live woman lined up for some saucy FUN.

Beyond the Affair
Once you have been through this ritual, like so many other singletons these days, finding out that online dating is the only sensible way to find a bedtime mate, you will come out the other end in a relationship. It may be very casual, just meeting for fun, chatting, socialising or going out. Some people end up in a full blown affair and wonder "Where the hell did that come from?"

Whatever the outcome it will be life-changing. No more lonely nights, or weekend drinking binges with your mates. No porn movies to satisfy your needs, No more groaning about not finding a proper mate. Instead you now have someone to share your innermost lusts with. That's the sort of result you want, isn't it?

Don't look back. A new relationship brings a lot of joy and happiness. It also brings its own demands, rules and commitments. Enjoy it, but put a bit of effort into making it special. We'd love to hear about your success in finding a new relationship.

Vital Statistics
Who exactly uses Casual Flirt? That's the question you need an answer to before you select the Dating Site that's going to give the best results. Anyone who's tried a few dating sites may have found out after they've joined, that the number of suitable mates is not as high as they had hoped for. The reasons for failed dating attempts are many, but basically there are different levels of dating sites spanning friendly non-adult sites to hard-core adult sites and you should join the right one.

You have to consider the location of members - it's no good joining a big international dating site like International Flirt if you are in the UK looking for someone you want a real date with (rather than just online chat, or having to travel miles to meet someone). Look over the site to see how many people come up in a search for the age ranges you're looking for. OK - you'll find that some sites force you to join before you can do a search. Forget these sites - they are just after your money. If a site is going to be of any use to you you should be able to choose from at least 40 people in your category (Statistically only 5% of people that you make contact with will end up being a potentially suitable partner). There are not many online dating sites that can boast that they have a good quantity of suitable members across all age ranges. We are happy to say that Casual Flirt is one of the best casual dating sites, with the largest number of genuine UK members.

One of the most frustrating mistakes people make when joining a dating site is that they choose the wrong "type" of site. Everyone is different - some people are highly sexual and some are more loving and caring and can get put off by "naughty" sites, preferring a friendly type of membership. If you want a serious, meaningful relationship then avoid the real Hot Adult sites - better to go with a casual site (Yes, like Casual Flirt). The problem with HOT sites is that they attract men with scarily high levels of Testosterone, and also tempt women who are sexually frustrated with their current love-life. Typically membership of Adult sites consists of 90% men and 10% women in many adult sites. So men have fewer women to hook up with, and women get overloaded with too many men. It's not good.

Casual Flirt has been thoughtfully created to cover the UK only, and to attract genuine grown up people looking for love (rather than looking for sex or cheap thrills). Our members are mainly "single" adults but there are a good number of members who are In a relationship or unhappily married. An important part of Casual Flirt is that we want to attract more women (who would normally run a mile from online dating because they feel it's cheap and "smutty"). We made a conscious decision to make Casual Flirt friendly, non-adult and suitable for everyone (so long as you are over 18). In that way we can achieve a 50% male and 50% female membership. That makes Casual Flirt better, more enjoyable and more useful, helping you to get 100% satisfaction and amazing results from your dating experience.


In summary, when you choose your dating site consider all the following factors :-

LOCATION - Which Countries or Region does the site cover? Is it Local?

AGE RANGE - Some sites are designed for younger singles, some for older people, and not all dating sites are there just for "singles".

TYPE OF MEMBERS - What is the level of Adultness? HOT Adult dating Sites often attract too many men for a typical female to handle.

COST v FREE - Is it really FREE? Remember that FREE often means Low Quality membership and can attract not-so-serious members.

Don't just take our word for it - search Casual Flirt now - you don't need to join in order to search.